ARCHITECT - Architecture Firm Framer Template


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ARCHITECT is one of the best architecture Framer templates in the market. Why? It has everything an architecture agency will need. The design is modern and elegant, focusing on the audience who would love simplicity and luxury. This template is suitable for the architects, interior designers, agencies, real estate, builders and construction companies for showcasing portfolio projects with minimalist design and best user experience. 

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Key Features:

Landing Page:

Make a striking first impression with a clean and captivating landing page. Engage your audience from the moment they arrive, setting the tone for an immersive exploration.

About Page:

Introduce your brand, ethos, and the creative minds behind your architectural marvels. The About page seamlessly weaves a narrative of passion and expertise, establishing a personal connection with your visitors.


Showcase your range of services in a sleek, organized layout. The minimalist design ensures that your offerings take center stage, conveying professionalism and clarity.

Service Single Details:

Dive into the specifics with the Service Single Details page. Each service is presented with elegance, allowing users to explore the nuances and depth of your architectural expertise.


Highlight your portfolio of transformative projects. The Projects page offers a visually stunning gallery, allowing visitors to witness the beauty and functionality of your completed works.


Immerse your audience in a visual journey through the Gallery page. From architectural sketches to completed structures, each image is showcased with precision, emphasizing the essence of your design philosophy.


Share insights, trends, and stories from the world of architecture and design. The Blogs page offers a clean and inviting layout, making it a delightful space for both information seekers and design enthusiasts.


Encourage seamless communication with a thoughtfully designed Contact page. Users can easily reach out, fostering connections that may lead to exciting collaborations and projects.

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